Tropical Leaves


If you are a television network, a content distributor or a production or publishing company, we invite you to engage with leading content creators by sponsoring some of the events bringing the most creative and innovative professionals in the industry together.


Since it functions as a Non-Government Organization (NGO), the Latin American Nature Awards relies considerably on contributions from generous people like you. Donations help us directly cover accommodation, transportation and daily meal expenses for our hard-working and dedicated volunteers. Think about them when donating.


The basis of our work is forged in voluntary collaboration. If you wish to be a part of our volunteer force, or if you enjoy connections with media or conservation groups that you believe can make a meaningful contribution, we invite you to register with us an let us know how would you prefer to collaborate. 


An internship is a good way to receive on-the-job training while in college or shortly after graduation. The Latin American Nature Awards offers a unique opportunity to carry out internships in graphic design, marketing, public relations, photography, videography, and several other disciplines. Contact us for the requisites and necessary forms to apply. 


We are committed to the inclusion of diverse voices in our conversations and educational programs, as it is critical to facilitate dynamic experiences and fresh new insights for the Latin American Nature Awards participants. Greater innovation, meaningful debate and, ultimately, better outcomes are linked to diverse and inclusive environments. As the largest hall for nature and conservation-related technology, media and professionals in Latin America, we are working to ensure that as many voices and viewpoints as possible are included in our programs and represented in our platforms.