Inspiring Short Film

- Short film focused on a more precise creation of content related to flora, fauna and / or its environment inspiring an appreciationor situation of the natural world with a maximum time of up to 5 minutes.

Documentary Short

- Short highlighted in cinematographic, edition and narration through a documentary approach with a minimum duration of 5 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes about the natural world.


- Featured documentary in cinematography, editing and storytelling through a descriptive documentary approach of more than 30 minutes about the natural world.


- Photographs focused on storytelling stories of flora, fauna and/or their environment inspiring an appreciation of the natural world in a single image.

Naturalist / Scientific Illustration

Through the different artistic and scientific expressions in all their variables, the focus should be to show a reality of the natural world.


Category focused on the production, presentation, editing and / or writing of printed books focused on the natural world, which can be both text and photographic.

Scientific Studies

The focus of this category is to encourage, and support developing or initiated scientific studies.