Image by Kaleb Dortono


The Latin American Nature Awards seeks to connect those professionals and those who are just beginning to explore this industry with the main television networks and production companies in the world, as well as the main magazines, publishers, galleries, among others, in order to show the world the work that people like you are doing in every part of the planet to educate about the importance of the natural world. This is a unique market in Latin America waiting for you.


To create a festival, competition and conference venue of international level to encourage the production of nature and conservation-related creative media in an open event that invites the public to travel to the most wonderful, remote and inhospitable places on Earth, as well as intimately connecting with those forming part of everyday life.


Despite its recent creation, the Latin American Nature Awards is rapidly looking to position itself as the leader in the audiovisual and editorial market in Latin America. Our main objective is to bring filmmakers, producers, screenwriters, photographers, painters, musicians and other creative professionals from around the world together each year through conferences, exhibitions, lectures and meetings. 


The Latin American Nature Awards community is made up of established professionals and beginners interested in forging lasting partnerships with regional and international media brands sharing a common interest in producing meaningful educational content related to nature and conservation. 


The Nature Awards is a joint effort to encourage the production of documentaries, photographs, illustrations, books, studies and other artistic and scientific media promoting awareness and knowledge about our flora, fauna and the environment, without neglecting the importance of their conservation, as well as their dissemination through various conventional and virtual media platforms, seeking to address issues of global interest in a time of crisis.

In this first edition, individual works, producers or institutions from around the world will be able to participate in seven categories, in accordance with the guidelines and rules of the Contest.